Continuity Testing and Whitney Blake’s Leadership

Whitney Blake remains at the forefront of cable, cord, and harness design and testing because of our research and innovation engineering mindset and our relationship with testing industry leaders. For example, we not only employ Cirris Signature 1000R and 1100R+ testers for continuity testing, we also build custom testing systems specifically to our customer’s requirements. [...]

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5 Differences between Thermoplastic and Thermoset

How do you know if you need a thermoplastic or thermoset jacket on your cable or cord? Thermosplastic—also known as PVC/urethane-based jackets—and thermoset jackets—also known as neoprene or rubber based—offer different characteristics that may be important for your application. The prefix “thermo” highlights the difference in the way each material responds to heat. You can [...]

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SVO, SJOW, SOW: Understanding the UL Codes

All of Whitney Blake’s cords and cables come with an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) letter code that helps to identify their potential uses and capabilities—important information if you are wondering if a cable or cord is appropriate for your application. The letters reflect the way the cord or cable is constructed, including the working voltage, type [...]

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June 2017 eNewsletter

Read our June eNewsletter to learn about: Tuff-Seal capabilities Benefits of using Tuff-Seal Request a Quote Click on the image or click here to view the issue. Want to receive next month’s issue? Sign up for our eNewsletter today.

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