Whitney Blake remains at the forefront of cable, cord, and harness design and testing because of our research and innovation engineering mindset and our relationship with testing industry leaders. For example, we not only employ Cirris Signature 1000R and 1100R+ testers for continuity testing, we also build custom testing systems specifically to our customer’s requirements.

Continuity testing checks whether an electric circuit is a complete circuit by sending a voltage across the circuit’s path. If pressing a switch makes a machine work, then every time someone presses that switch, they close and complete the circuit—the circuit has continuity. Continuity testing identifies both connections that are correct and connections that shouldn’t exist.  For cables with different wire types, more advanced tests are employed such as resistance limits, capacitance or current measurement.

All of Whitney Blake’s assemblies conform to the IPC/WHMA-A-620B standard which mandates continuity and shorts testing and recommends dielectic withstand voltage (DWV) and insulation resistance (IR) testing under specified circumstances. Because we are fully IPC certified to 620B, we can assemble and test harnesses for every application from household to outer space. Our assemblers and technicians use their training to find, solve, and prevent problems before the assembly ever leaves our facility.

One way we verify correct assemblies is by using a harness board. Whitney Blake was the first cable, cord, and harness supplier to use harness boards with tiles. These harness boards show exactly where every connection should be, ensuring that continuity occurs always and only where it should occur.

By taking care of assembly and testing for our clients, we free them to concentrate on their core business, and we give them the confidence that comes when experts with years of experience have prepared their assemblies.

Harness Board Testing

For more information, please contact Whitney Blake directly. Our technical and sales teams are on hand to help determine the wire, cables, terminals, and connectors that will create the exact assembly you need.