We’ve received numerous requests for quotes over the years and have learned that there are some quotes that get completed much faster than others. In fact, we’ve determined that if you address four specific areas thoroughly enough, you’ll expedite your quote turn-around time.

  1. Technical Drawing. A technical drawing provides all the product specs for the engineering department and allows that team to best determine how to produce the product in the most cost-effective manner.
  2. Bill of Materials. A BOM ties in with the drawing and further clarifies if there could be any constraints, technical difficulties or better alternatives for manufacturing capabilities.
  3. Current Sample. If asking us to quote an existing product, submit a current sample.
  4. Certificates Required. It’s important to let us know if any UL or CSA certificates are needed.

Gathering this preliminary information up front will help to reduce the communication back and forth during the quoting stage and help to get you needed information sooner.

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