Firefighters have dangerous jobs as it is, but something many of us do not consider is that their communications equipment is exposed to extreme heat repeatedly. Many cables that are exposed to high temperatures often fail to protect the wires they are encasing, and fire professionals rely on the ability to communicate with their team.

That’s where our FIRE-TUFF® heat resistant, flame retardant, self-extinguishing cables and cords for portable communications equipment come in. These cables and cords maintain functionality after repeated exposure to temperatures as high as 500°F. They ensure that firefighters and first responders remain in constant contact with their teams—keeping everyone safe

Whitney Blake’s FIRE-TUFF® is suitable for any application where high temperatures are a factor. FIRE-TUFF® is the industry’s first 500°F fire-rated flexible coiled cord. Fire-Tuff cables, cords, and assemblies are not only fire retardant and retractable, but self-extinguishing.

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