Evan Jackson is a Mechanical Engineer and recent grad from The University of Vermont. In his role, Evan is responsible for streamlining all processes from design and development to full-scale production. Much of this effort involves tooling creation and revision of current assembly methods. He is also responsible for product-related documentation including bills of materials, assembly instructions, quality checklists, and compliance certifications.  

Evan has found the acquisition of Sonetronics, Inc. to be an interesting part of his job because he is seeing all the potential opportunities to piggyback the technology at Whitney Blake with the long-seated developments Sonetronics has formed in their field.

The opportunity to combine skills for the greater good of the company and for our customers has been a very rewarding aspect of my job.

Evan’s role ensure that customers are receiving finished units of the highest quality possible. Whether it’s conformance to the customer’s specific needs or improvements in the manufacturing capabilities, his end goal is to produce quality products in the fastest and most efficient manner possible.

Outside of work, Evan’s two favorite hobbies are traveling and being active. His favorite trip was a two-week journey across Italy to celebrate college graduation. Although this set the bar high, he’s always thinking of where the next expedition will take him. In his everyday life you can likely find Evan hiking, walking his dog, or in his newly created basement gym. 

While in college he became very active in a local dog rescue. He volunteered almost daily to help change the lives of the dogs as they were taken off the streets in the southern United States and adopted by loving families here in New England. Through this process he became very attached to a long-stay resident at the shelter named Ginger who now lives at home with Evan and his girlfriend.

Evan and his girlfriend have always lived in New England, but they are excited to call New Hampshire their new home. The serenity of the landscape helps make the work-life balance enjoyable and rewarding. And this winter, Evan will be joining the masses in New England as he learns to ski.