Automation is evident everywhere at Whitney Blake. Our facilities use automatic crimp machines, automatic cutting machines, semiautomatic label applicators, and laser-wire stripping machines, not to mention the tools in our research and development and testing areas, such as analyzers.

As described on our website, this automation gives us the ability to:

  • Cut, strip, and label wire and cable ranging in size from 4 to 32 gauges
  • Cut and strip wire and cable up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Handle a multitude of terminal types
  • Terminate wires down to 4/0 gauge
  • Handle 100% continuity testing.

Automation reduces waste, increases accuracy to 0.001 of an inch, and makes for more efficient manufacturing. Like our customers, we keep up with technology to ensure that we can respond fast to customer challenges. For example, because of the equipment we have at hand we can easily handle projects that would require our customers to make major redesigns to their in-house tooling.

You’ll find computers throughout our facilities from sales through quality control and shipping, dedicated to the storage of forms, customer data, and records. In addition, we store our specialized in-house knowledge on computers. For example, we recently computerized our entire bill of materials so that we can quickly determine whether the materials customers request are compliant with regulations and what equivalent substitutes are available if the original materials aren’t compliant.

We rely on automation to produce multiple parts at different volumes; but we also rely on our highly skilled teams for hands-on assembly of customized products from start to finish. Our teams handle custom projects involving hundreds of connections and cables: for one project that meant over 100 cables and over 700 connections, each with 2 to 10 wires. For customized cables, we develop custom testing equipment.

Whether your project requires full or partial automation or complete hands-on assembly, Whitney Blake is prepared with the tools, knowledge, and skills to deliver the quality you need and expect.