How do you get from standard cables to custom? The first step is to speak with one of Whitney Blake’s sales reps or fill out our handy request form to explain your needs.

The second step is to consult with our innovation engineering department. They will work with you to define any technical issues with your current design specifications and drawings. We work together to meet your parameters, even those that other cable manufacturers may have been unable to meet. Our engineers often suggest materials, processes, and designs that resolve problems, reduce costs, upgrade performance, or cut delivery times. We focus on engineering solutions.

The third step occurs entirely in-house as our departments work together to set up and, if necessary, modify our equipment to produce a prototype of your custom cable. Once you accept that prototype, our production team moves in to ensure the right materials are on hand, and the schedule is finalized to quickly and accurately produce your custom cable.

The final step is delivery to you, the satisfied customer.

We are always excited to help a customer with a custom cable but we also have an innovation mindset: if we see an industry need, we try to supply it. Our Fire-Tuff® retractable, fire-retardant, self-extinguishing coiled cables are the result of our own in-house research, based on the needs of fire departments. Our team has Black, Blue, and Green belts in the renowned Innovative Engineering Management System.

As Bill Brown, our production manager, has stated, “We keep up with technology because we want to be as agile as our customers. We help take on their biggest challenges.”

You can be confident, when you come to Whitney Blake with your specific needs for custom cables, that you are consulting with people who know how to handle novel situations and come up with unique solutions.