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FIRE-TUFF® cables and cords keep fire professionals safe!

Firefighters have dangerous jobs as it is, but something many of us do not consider is that their communications equipment is exposed to extreme heat repeatedly. Many cables that are exposed to high temperatures often fail to protect the wires they are encasing, and fire professionals rely on the ability to communicate with their team. [...]

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Case Study Blog: We Solved a Molded Spice Junction Leaky Seal with Excellent Results

One of our customers needed a military grade communication assembly that could withstand water immersion. One of the design elements gave them trouble: a molded splice junction. The original design required multiple injection molding steps but still did not create a reliable seal against water. As a result, the assembly repeatedly failed leak testing and [...]

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Tips to Speed Up Your Quote Turn-Around

We’ve received numerous requests for quotes over the years and have learned that there are some quotes that get completed much faster than others. In fact, we’ve determined that if you address four specific areas thoroughly enough, you’ll expedite your quote turn-around time. Technical Drawing. A technical drawing provides all the product specs for the [...]

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Whitney Blake Acquires Sonetronics

  Bellows Falls, VT: This August, Whitney Blake announced its acquisition of Sonetronics, the industry leader through its commitment to up-to-date standards of excellence in the development of military telecommunications equipment. “This acquisition demonstrates our desire for growth and diversification, a continued commitment to best serve our customers and a promise to deliver unwavering performance,” [...]

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Waterproof? Dust Tight? Check the IP Code for Connectors

If you have ever wondered whether a connector is “waterproof” or “dust tight,” the International Protection Marking (IP) code gives you the details you need. What do we mean when we say Whitney Blake’s Tuff-Seal connectors are rated IP68? The code tells you that they are dust tight and can operate immersed in over 1 [...]

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High Temperature Cables: FT1 and Beyond

Cables that are resistant to high heat, like Whitney Blake’s Fire-Tuff, are used in many industries, including foundries, laboratories, steel or plastic processing industries, sauna construction, HVAC and refrigeration engineering, oil and gas industry, aerospace, military, and fire protection. Standards for flame resistance are set by several different agencies, including the National Fire Protection Agency [...]

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Cable Assemblies: Meeting Stringent Requirements for Medical Devices

Whether for diagnostic, monitoring, therapeutic, or surgical purposes, machines have transformed many areas of medical care. As a result, the need is growing for high-quality cable assemblies used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer-assisted surgical devices, and other medical machines. These medical-grade cable assemblies must meet stringent criteria. For example, they must: Stand up to [...]

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Continuity Testing and Whitney Blake’s Leadership

Whitney Blake remains at the forefront of cable, cord, and harness design and testing because of our research and innovation engineering mindset and our relationship with testing industry leaders. For example, we not only employ Cirris Signature 1000R and 1100R+ testers for continuity testing, we also build custom testing systems specifically to our customer’s requirements. [...]

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5 Differences between Thermoplastic and Thermoset

How do you know if you need a thermoplastic or thermoset jacket on your cable or cord? Thermosplastic—also known as PVC/urethane-based jackets—and thermoset jackets—also known as neoprene or rubber based—offer different characteristics that may be important for your application. The prefix “thermo” highlights the difference in the way each material responds to heat. You can [...]

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