How to Get From Standard Cables to Custom

How do you get from standard cables to custom? The first step is to speak with one of Whitney Blake’s sales reps or fill out our handy request form to explain your needs. The second step is to consult with our innovation engineering department. They will work with you to define any technical issues with [...]

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Whitney Blake A to Z: Automation

Automation is evident everywhere at Whitney Blake. Our facilities use automatic crimp machines, automatic cutting machines, semiautomatic label applicators, and laser-wire stripping machines, not to mention the tools in our research and development and testing areas, such as analyzers. As described on our website, this automation gives us the ability to: Cut, strip, and label [...]

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Coiled Cords Are Everywhere

The world is wireless yet coiled cords are everywhere. Even in a wireless environment, power has to come from somewhere—and you cannot transmit power wirelessly because of issues with safety, control, and interference. Moreover, wireless transmissions of data are not truly secure in, for example, military, aviation, or medical environments where secure communications are life [...]

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Just-in-Time Manufacturing in the Cable Industry

A lot of raw materials go into cables, cords, harnesses, and their connectors. In turn, those cables, cords, harnesses, and connectors are the components that our customers need to fall within their scheduling, budget, and performance constraints. The manufacturing process, from sourcing supplies to creating end products, requires a strategy that aligns raw material supply [...]

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Cost-Effective, Top Performing – Cable & Harness Assembly in 4 Steps

You have products—perhaps industrial, military, solar and wind power, agricultural, or transportation—that require complicated cables and harnesses. Your engineers come up with a design, but is it as cost-effective to produce and as high performing as it could be?  Here are four steps you can take to ensure that the budget and performance specifications [...]

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Making Your Products Safe for Your Health & Environment

In a previous blog post, we discussed materials declarations and some of the initiatives we are taking to ensure compliance with European Union (EU) and US regulations. One of those initiatives at Whitney Blake is the compilation of a Materials Declaration List. The Materials Declaration List The EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Materials (RoHS), the EU’s [...]

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Do you worry about material declarations and hazardous material?

The European Union has strict regulations concerning chemicals that might be hazardous to humans or the environment. Most small US companies without European customers feel they can ignore those regulations; however, Whitney Blake has taken a different stand. We believe in good manufacturing practices, in anticipating problems, and most of all in protecting our clients. [...]

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Full-Cycle Project Management

When you need help moving from prototype to marketplace, we can help. Our project managers know cables, cords, connectors, wires, harnesses and assemblies, and how to manage the entire supply chain. To keep on top of your project management, you will need to implement the right software to make sure that everyone is aware of [...]

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