Looking for moisture resistant connectors that also withstand harsh environmental hazards such as water…dirt…chemicals…hospital fluids…salt? Looking for easy push-pull connections, fast mate and de-mate cycles with no moving parts or tools required?

Tuff-Seal handles your requirements with ease. Whitney Blake’s patented Tuff-Seal connectors:

  • Meet IP68 requirements.
  • Enable easy, faster mate and de-mate with high cycle counts and without compromising the sealing capabilities.
  • Protect internal contacts from moisture and environmental hazards with a full seal.
  • Offer protection against immersion in water at depths greater than 3 meters for long periods of time.
  • Are highly flexible and retractable.
  • Resist exposure to chemicals.
  • Are suitable for any application where harsh environments are a factor.

Like all Whitney Blake cables, cords, connectors and harnesses, Tuff-Seal connectors and cable systems are:

  • Customizable: For example, we can customize the mating/de-mating force to meet your specific application requirements.
  • Safe: The easy mate and passive latching features keep operators and equipment safe. There are no exposed conductive surfaces to cause electrical shorts. The ease with which the Tuff-Seal connectors will de-mate prevents operators or test equipment from being pulled into moving parts.
  • Easy to use: Alignment keys and/or customized connector shapes and pinouts make mating easy and efficient, while preventing electrical cross-over.
  • Adaptable: Tuff-Seal connector systems can be designed to meet your specifications for both cable and panel mount.

When you need extraordinary performance, call on Whitney Blake.

Moisture Seal:

  • Fully sealed, meets IP68 requirements
  • Protects internal contacts from exposure to moisture, dirt, chemicals, salt & environmental hazards

Passive Latch:

  • Mating / de-mating force may be customized to meet specific application requirements
  • Passive latch minimizes OEM equipment damage should cable snags occur
  • Quick disconnect
  • Acts as safety feature so operators and/or test equipment do not get pulled into moving parts
  • No exposed conductive surfaces while mated to cause electrical shorts
  • Alignment keys for easy mating & protection from electrical cross over
  • Available in both cable & panel mount
  • No moving parts in connector, eliminating risk of jamming

Panel Mount

Cable Mount

Case Study


A leading global OEM of marine products experienced field failures in a newly introduced electric boat motor. The root cause of the failures was traced back to the cable interconnect design developed by the previous supplier.


Whitney Blake worked with the client to develop a custom over-molded cable strain relief of appropriate material and size to enhance the life of the cable interconnect. It eliminated stress on the conductors caused by frequent movement of the motor.