Precision, low volume/high mix (LV/HM) contract manufacturing provides the components and assemblies you need exactly when you need them.

Whitney Blake manufactures wire, cable, and harness components and assemblies. We excel at every stage of precision contract manufacturing, including scheduling, inventory management, mistake-proofing, process control, testing, and project management.

Are you concerned about response times and inventory exposure?

About sourcing and storing raw materials, finding dedicated manufacturing space and training people in LV/HM manufacturing?

About handling unexpected changes in what you need and when you need it, including prototypes and finished assemblies?

Our LV/HM manufacturing capabilities cover the entire supply chain to meet your specifications and deliver on your schedule. CKS Global can rapidly switch over to a new product if your priorities change, this is the power of technology.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cutting, stripping, and labeling wire and cable ranging in size from 4 – 32 gauges
  • Cutting and stripping wire and cable up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Handling a multitude of terminal types
  • Terminating wires down to 4/0 gauge
  • Handling 100% continuity testing and building custom testing systems.

We are precision contract manufacturers of standard and custom cable, wire, and harness components and assemblies for a wide range of industries, including communications, medical, aerospace, and defense.

When you’re sure it can’t be manufactured on time and on budget, talk to Whitney Blake.