Marine Applications

Water, cold, chemicals, abrasion, rough seas, and difficult access—marine vessels present plenty of challenges to cable and wire manufacturers. Fortunately, Whitney Blake has met and conquered them all.

Our experienced team invented Tuff-Seal moisture-resistant connectors and Fire-Tuff 500°F fire-rated flexible cable and cord to withstand harsh environmental conditions and perform faultlessly. Our products, whether it’s one cord or wire or a complete harness, ensure reliable, safe connections and terminals for all your needs.

We create and deliver a variety of stock retractile cords and custom orders and assemblies, including wires, cords, cables, and harnesses for:

  • boat motorMotors
  • Computers
  • Aerials
  • Communication devices
  • Tie downs
  • And much more.

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Our cables, cords, connectors and harnesses are:

  • Customizable to meet your specific application requirements.
  • Safe with easy mate and passive latching features and no exposed conductive surfaces.
  • Easy to use alignment keys and/or customized connector shapes and pinouts make mating efficient and preventing electrical cross-over.
  • Adaptable connector systems can be designed to meet your specifications for both cable and panel mount.
Moisture resistant cables that protect against immersion in water at depths greater than 3 meters for long periods of time.

Case Study


A leading global OEM of marine products experienced field failures in a newly introduced electric boat motor. The root cause of the failures was traced back to the cable interconnect design developed by the previous supplier.


Whitney Blake worked with the client to develop a custom over-molded cable strain relief of appropriate material and size to enhance the life of the cable interconnect. It eliminated stress on the conductors caused by frequent movement of the motor.