Research & Development

Our standard components (from off-the-shelf coiled cords to our revolutionary Fire-Tuff components) are meant to address a variety of your needs in wire, cable, and harness—but they cannot address everything.

That’s why Whitney Blake provides research and development services to our customers.

If you have tried to mix and match components from different suppliers; use off-the-shelf Whitney Blake components in unintended ways; or struggled to design and manufacture a component with specific characteristics: it’s time to call on Whitney Blake.

We solve problems.

Are you searching for wire, cable, and harnesses with specific electrical, environmental, and mechanical performance? Let us help.

As individual components or as an assembly, our wires, cables, and harnesses meet your most stringent standards for:

  • Flexibility
  • Retractability
  • Tensile strength
  • Ruggedness
  • Resistance to metal fatigue
  • Resistance to harsh environments (high or low temperatures, chemical exposure, abrasion, ozone, UV exposure, water)

Both standard and custom wire, cable, and harness products and assemblies meet all certifications and government regulations for their intended use.

Case Study

Research and Development Case Study


The customer needed a military grade communication assembly that could withstand water immersion. One of the design elements gave them trouble: a molded spliced junction. The original design required multiple injection molding steps but still did not create a reliable seal against water. As a result, the assembly repeatedly failed leak testing and required additional sealant applications.


Whitney Blake designed and incorporated an ultrasonically welded shell to enclose the junction. The manufacturing process was reduced to a one-step molding operation that created a secure water seal. The new welded shell passed 99% of the leak tests and eliminated the need for multiple sealant applications. The design enhancements also reduced process time by 10%.