Fine Wire

Today’s most advanced products in aerospace, medical devices, communications, semiconductor, and other industries are smaller, lighter and more sophisticated than ever. Whitney Blake manufactures fine and ultra-fine wire solutions that fulfill the requirements for strength and weight while resisting fatigue failure. Paired with products from this sealed wire feedthru supplier, these wires are the next best thing in the industrial world for assuredness that failure is not a possibility.

Whitney Blake fine wire solutions enable our customers to solve performance problems by providing the flexibility, retractability, electrical, and mechanical characteristics their products require.

  • Fine wire geometries increase flex life in space-constrained applications.
  • We can cut, strip, label, and terminate wire to 50 gauge.
  • We offer a wide choice of copper and alloy conductors, constructions, insulations, jacket compounds, finishes, and olors.
  • Our designs include multiple-high strand-count conductors with numerous twist configurations.
  • Fine wire designs achieve the electrical performance characteristics of standard wire and improved mechanical characteristics, such as high cycle life.

Whitney Blake manufactures ultra-thin wire; tinsel wire, a low voltage electrical wire for applications where high mechanical flexibility is required; solid wire for higher frequencies with lower resistance; stranded wires for high resistance to fatigue failure; and wire harnesses.

We are experts at the design, development and modification of wires for any application.

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