We take your ideas from conception to production, from raw material to quick-turn delivery.

At Whitney Blake youll find one source for:

  • Standard and custom cables, wires, harnesses, and assemblies
  • Design, prototyping, manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery
  • Answers to your questions.

They are all part of our full-scope project management.

We work with you to:

  • Analyze problems you may be having with custom or standard cable, wire, and harness components and assemblies.
  • Find a solutionoff the shelf or prototypethat gives you the performance characteristics you need.
  • Source and warehouse raw materials from around the globe, based on 26 years of NAFTA and customs expertise.
  • Set up tooling and provide precision LV/HM contract manufacturing.
  • Test the cable, wire, and harness components and/or assembly to make sure they meet all your requirements.
  • Deliver to your marketplace on time and on budget.

Our project managers, like all of our products and services, are in-house. They know cables, wires, and harnesses, Whitney Blakes world-wide resources, and how to manage the entire supply chain. Their knowledge – along with the use of Project Management software – keeps your project at the highest level of productivity.

When you need help moving from prototype to marketplace, call on Whitney Blake.

Case Study


A leading global OEM of marine products experienced field failures in a newly introduced electric boat motor. The root cause of the failures was traced back to the cable interconnect design developed by the previous supplier.


Whitney Blake worked with the client to develop a custom over-molded cable strain relief of appropriate material and size to enhance the life of the cable interconnect. It eliminated stress on the conductors caused by frequent movement of the motor.