Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Whitney Blake manufactures high temperature and high flex cables, cable and harness assemblies, coiled cords, fine and tinsel wire, stranded and solid wire, and both standard and custom components and assemblies.

At our manufacturing facilities, we:

  • Cut, strip, and label wire and cable ranging in size from 4 – 32 gauges, using computerized Schleuniger Power Strip 9500s complete with cable coiler and in-line Brady Wraptor.
  • Cut and strip sizes from ultra-thin wire (52G) to cable as thick as 2″ in diameter, using equipment from Slice, Reel-O-Matic, Tulsa Power, and Eraser & Schleuniger.
  • Handle a multitude of terminals using automated Crimping on Tyco & Molex presses equipped with numerous applicators.
  • Terminate wires down to 4/0 gauge using additional Pneumatic Crimpers by Molex, Thomas & Betts and Schleniger.
  • Conduct 100% continuity testing using any of our Cirris Signature 1000R, 1100R+ or EASY TOUCH testers
  • Build custom testing systems to meet all customer requirements.

We extrude thermoplastic and thermoset materials, including polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PE), thermoplastic rubber (TPR), triethylene phosphate (TEP), neoprene, fluorinated ethylene phosphate (FEP), and paraformaldehyde (PFA) among other products.

We handle all types of molding, including discrete, insert, and overmolding; rubber compression; and plastic and hot melt injection molding.

We manage the entire manufacturing process, from prototype to testing, from sourcing supplies to manufacturing, and from assembly to labeling and custom packaging.

We design cable, wire, and harness components and assemblies, manufacturing tools, and processes.