About the Whitney Blake Company

For more than a century, Whitney Blake has designed and manufactured high-flex cables that deliver on our promise of faultless performance.

Whitney Blake offers complete cable assembly from design to finished product.

Whitney Blake design engineers are with you throughout the entire cable design process to assure your cable assembly products perform to your specifications and beyond. On-site testing assures certification to performance specifications. Whitney Blake has not had to change with respect to these needs. Our original business philosophy still works as well as it did over a century ago… customer first.

Founded in 1899 by Theodore Whitney Blake — an 1883 graduate of the Sheffield School, Yale University and a great-great- nephew of cotton gin inventor Eli Whitney—Whitney Blake holds an important place among American manufacturers. It is our drive to partner with our customers, however, that sets us apart. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities offer a direct benefit to our customers, we meet virtually any cable and interconnection need, relying on our skilled, quality-conscious work force, and ISO 9001 certification to assuring the global marketplace of the highest quality product standards and customer satisfaction.