Innovation Engineering

You know what you need to succeed in your industry but you may not know how Whitney Blake’s cables, cords and harnesses can contribute to that success.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with products and services that solve problems and anticipate trends in every industry sector, including consumer electronics, fire and safety, healthcare and medicine, telecommunications and aerospace.

Our innovation engineering is based on the work of Doug Hall, founder of the Innovative Engineering Management System. Whitney Blake is proud to have achieved multiple Black, Blue and Green Belts in this system.

Our expertise in innovation engineering has led to:

Innovation Engineering allows us to target our resources on innovations that bring value to our customers, change our culture from reactive to proactive, and continually move forward, building on our progress as we go.

Whitney Blake’s owner Sheldon Scott, who has a Black Belt in the Innovative Engineering Management System, has said it best:

“Our customers want us to approach them with new ideas. They want us to be a partner with them, become involved in finding solutions and become a leader in their supply chain. We don’t sit back and wait for the right moment. We continually innovate, turn failures into stepping stones and build on our successes.”