Whitney Blake is known for working with customers to create the cables, cords, and connectors they need to keep ahead of market trends. But what trends are affecting the market right now?

According to a report by Technavio Research, the global coaxial cables market is being driven by greater investments and spending in the aerospace, construction, and defense industries. In the aerospace and defense industries, that trend is bolstered by the need for secure, reliable communications devices. In construction and infrastructure, expansion will focus on telecommunications and internet services, especially for underserved areas both foreign and domestic. According to a leading analyst at Technavio, “the surge in demand for mobile devices equipped with next generation internet is likely to spur the construction and demand for mobile towers, stations, and related equipment, which are large consumers of coaxial cable.”

The global connectors industry, according to analysis by both Technavio and Global Industry Analysts Inc., is being driven by growth in the automotive market, especially for connectors in the category of Comfort, Convenience, and Entertainment. The growing demand for electrical and hybrid cars is also increasing the demand for connectors.

The marine cable market will show “constant growth between 2017-2025,” according to the market research company Profshare, notably for fiber optic and electric cables. Part of that growth will reflect the same demand for performance and connectivity that has had such an impact on other industries.

In all these areas—aerospace, construction, defense, transportation and marine —Whitney Blake has long held a leadership area in the design, development, and manufacture of cable and connectors. If your company is affected by these trends, Whitney Blake is ready to help you stay ahead of the competition with both our standard and our innovative cables, cords, harnesses, and connectors. Contact us today.